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Our Story

Alternative Parties in Lithuania

Sense of community, street and underground cultures are key points uniting the Small Town Underground family.

Just a few years ago we were living one by one without a single thought that we‘re going to make it to the place where we are standing now. During winter of 2017 a couple of friends from Varėna decided to throw a party in a local industrial complex and that’s how it all started. Fortunately, that new beginning did not become a new ending.

Peak dedication, clear and tough attitude, cherishment of this culture and plenty of AV rigs going along with our every step.

Starting from now on we’re going to have some additional attributes because the underground is not only about the music. We’re inviting everyone close to the street culture, skaters, bmx riders, hip-hop enthusiasts, graffiti makers or even urban explorers to join the underground!

The future is ours. UNDERGROUND UNITED.

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